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Avail discounts in online Quran classes.


Learning Quran is the pathway to success in this world and the world hereafter. Reciting Quran is a hardworking task. As Quran is in Arabic laguage it becomes difficult for non-Arab Muslims to learn and recite Quran. It needs to be learned. People used to learn Quran by going to islamic institutes. Sometimes that required a long time for travelling to the institute. Some people had to stay there for months and could not see their family for a long time. With the passage of time the things have globalized and modernized. So has learning Quran. Now you may learn Quran online by hiring an online Quran teacher.

Learning Quran online from an online Quran tutor:

You may learn Quran online from an online Quran tutor. This mode of learning Quran saves your time to a great extent. You do not have to travel to an islamic institute rather you may learn Quran at the comfort of your home. You just need to book an online Quran tutor. You may easily hire an online Quran teacher from Quran schooling. Quran Schooling has the best range of teachers from around the world. The tutors are certified from prestigious institutes worldwide. All you need to do is to choose your package that suits your needs. The packages range from the starter package, advanced package and family package.


You may avail discounts in learning Quran online:

Quran Schooling offers many discounts when you book your package. You may choose from different packages available. The advanced and family packages offer discounts as well. In advanced package you may avail 20% discount on registering 3 or more students. In family package you may avail 30 % discount on registering 5 or more students. The family package of Quran Schooling has a very affordable cost of 80$ only. 


The features of family package include:

  •  free trial classes, 

  • 20 classes in a month, 

  • a 45 minutes time duration

  • Online quran memorization

  • Online quran recitation

  • Online quran translation

  • Online tajweed course

  • Flexible schedule

  • Training and guidance of Salah/ Kalma/ Namaz

  • Option of switching Quran tutor

  • Remedial classes

  • A discount offer

All these features make family package highly attractive. It is highly recommended and best reviewed among our clients.


Importance of online Quran classes:

In online quran classes you get the undivided attention of your online Quran tutor. This feature is not available in islamic institutes. There are a great number of students in a class and it becomes impossible for the tutor to pay equal attention to all pupils. In online Quran classes you may choose your own time of class and have it at any distraction-free area. It can be your home, office or park. There are 20 classes in a month and you have the option to choose your own days of the class. It is highly recommended for all people having a busy schedule. Hence, all Muslims around the world can now easily learn Quran online. You may hire an online Quran teacher for yourself or for your kids. It is the most reliable and safest mode of learning Quran in the modern world.


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