Course AI-900T00-A: AI Fundamentals in Microsoft Azure
This is an instructor-led training that only lasts one day. Although it is very fast, candidates will learn the basics of artificial intelligence. Therefore, they will discover the most suitable Microsoft services that they can use to [url=https://examtopicsfree.com/]Exam Topics Free[/url] develop different AI solutions. This chapter is designed to help students become more aware of the most common AI workloads and how they can select the right Azure services to support them. To add more, the training includes a combination of online materials and instructor-led training. Regarding the basic requirements, the provider does not impose any specific knowledge that must be acquired previously. However, it recommends that applicants have previous experience using the Internet and computers, as well as showing interest in using various artificial intelligence functions. Since this course is aimed at AI engineers, solution architects, data scientists or developers, professionals [url=https://examtopicsfree.com/]ExamTopicsFree[/url] must demonstrate a desire to improve their skills in managing AI as a whole.

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