Are you trying to get rid of that old couch or dresser and you need to pick up the new? Call us! We can help you pull the old out and put the new in. We can pick up that new item same day you purchase it. Don't wait 3 WHOLE DAYS for delivery. Why not get your purchase within the hour or less?! We have a dedicated team of highly screen pick-up truck owners in your local community through the DFW metroplex. We even have people in the Houston/Galveston, San Antonio, Austin, and whatever major city you can think of in Texas who can get your item to you. Some are willing to go regional. No job is too big or too small. The best part, we don't need your credit card. You pay the driver cash right on the spot and you know ahead of time how much everything will cost. Get your free quote today and schedule a delivery for today or whatever day you please. www.truckbuds.com
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